Precious metal laboratory equipment

Precious metal laboratory equipment, such as platinum crucibles and dishes are applied because of their unique properties. The reason for this lies in the high melting point (1.768 °C ), as well as being chemically inert, having excellent conducting properties, and high resistance to tarnishing and corrosion. Platinum laboratory equipment is used for chemical decomposition processes, like evaporation, flour ashing,  and filtration of aggressive liquids. Another application is composition analysis, such as electroanalytical determination of metals, and x-ray fluorescence (XRF). Additionally, platinum crucibles are used in the growth of oxide single crystals. IAM Drijfhout has a large product range of precious metal laboratory equipment, that are available in a range of alloys of platinum, gold, iridium, rhodium, and palladium.

Platinum laboratory equipment

The platinum laboratory equipment of IAM Drijfhout can be categorized into four groups: crucibles and dishes, lids, tongs, and electrodes. Our laboratory equipment is used by leading research institutes in a variety of industries. We supply, among others, to the oil and gas industry, the glass industry, the mining industry, research institutes in soil research, and organizations that certify building materials. Crucibles and dishes can be produced in different sizes, bottom thicknesses, alloys, either supplied with a pouring lip, or with a reinforced rim. Additionally, the precious metals can be stabilized to increase the product quality and to enhance the lifespan. Learn more about platinum and laboratory equipment in our knowlegde base.

IAM Drijfhout offers over 100 standard crucibles and dishes.

Platinum Crucibles and dishes

IAM Drijfhout offers over 100 standard crucibles and dishes. These products are applied in processes of evaporation, flour ashing, filtration, electroanalyses, and x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyses.

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IAM Drijfhout offers over 100 standard crucibles and dishes.


Lids can be supplied in a variety of sizes and alloys, ensuring a perfect fit with the crucible. Lids are available for crucibles with and without a reinforced rim.

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Our electrodes like Fischer, Woelbling, and Schoeniger are made of a platinum-iridium alloy.

Platinum Electrodes

Our electrodes like Fischer, Woelbling, and Schoeniger are made of a platinum-iridium alloy. They are applied in electroanalyses because of their high electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion.

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Tongues with platinum tips

Platinum Tongs

Tongs with platinum tips are used to work safely with hot crucibles, and to increase the lifespan of crucibles and dishes. Tongs are available in different lengths and with different sizes platinum tips.

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Laboratory tweezers with platinum tips

Tweezers with platinum tips are suitable for various applications in many research laboratories.

Laboratory tweezers

High quality round targets made from precious metal

The sputter targets that IAM Drijfhout supplies consist entirely of precious metals and are used, among other things, in coating and vacuum systems. An example would be the application of thin-films in the cleanrooms of Nanolabs.

Round sputtering targets

Custom made laboratory equipment

All our laboratory equipment can be custom made in terms of shape, size, and alloy. For example, to withstand extreme temperatures, an alloy of platinum with either gold or iridium can be manufactured. To make products extra hard, alloys of platinum and rhodium can be produced.

Products for XRF-fusion machines

XRF-analysis is used to research the composition of a sample, in which the accuracy of the analysis depends on the homogeneity of the sample. The most homogenic samples can be created with a XRF-fusion machine, when the sample and flux are heated into a liquid in a platinum crucible. IAM Drijfhout offers a complete solution and all the equipment needed to execute the process: XRF fusion machines, tongues, fluxes, crucibles, and casting dishes of all the commonly applied XRF fusion machines.

IAM Drijfhout supplies over 100 standard crucibles and casting dishes, for the fusion machines of XRF Scientific (xrFuse en Phoenix), Malvern Panalytical (Eagon 2, PerlX, LeNeo, TheOx), IGC Standards (Autofluxer, Schoeps, Vulcan) and Katanax, Leco, Linn and Herzog. In addition, the crucibles, dishes, and casting dishes can be custom-made if adjusted sizes are required, and can be supplied in stabilized metal. This increases the quality of the metal and enhances its life time. Also correct maintance increases the life time, check this article about crucibles maintance for more information.

x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyses.

Crucibles and Casting dishes

We provide crucibles for all the XRF fusion machines that are commonly used. The crucibles can be supplied in different alloys and all fusion crucibles and casting dishes have a special additive to the mostly platinum-gold alloy (95%/5%). Furthermore, they can be produced with a pouring lip, with a reinforced rim, and with an extra thick bottom.  Our casting dishes are available in different alloys, such as platinum-gold and platinum-iridium.

Crucibles for fusion
x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyses.


A flux consists of a mix of chemicals and improves the melting process of the sample. IAM Drijfhout supplies a variety standard and custom-made fluxes, which are adapted to the composition of the sample that is tested. An important factor is precisely weighing the flux. We offer a flux weighing machine that automises this process and ensures a precise measurement.

Flux for XRF analysis
Flux weighing machine

Fusion machines

IAM Drijfhout offers both gas and electrically powered fusion machines. Both types of machines are available in different sizes to test one up to ten crucibles at the same time. Gas powered machines are usually applied when the required extra equipment (gas supply and extraction facilities) is already present. Otherwise, electrical machines are usually preferred.

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Recycling service

IAM Drijfhout facilitates the recycling of labware made in all shapes, sizes, and alloys, containing metals products that contain gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, iridium, or palladium. Because of our strong network of international metal processers, we facilitate the recycling of contaminated materials as well. Our recycling process begins with a material analysis to determine the different elements of the batch. Based on this analysis, the best recycle procedure can be determined to retrieve the pure metals, and an estimated yield can be calculated.

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