Platinum electrodes

IAM Drijfhout supplies standard platinum electrodes in the following designs: Fischer, Winkler, Wölbing and Schöniger.

Due to their high electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion, platinum and platinum/iridium alloys are particularly suitable electrode materials. Electrodes are made of pure platinum or platinum 90% / iridium 10%. This platinum alloy is widely used for electroanalysis.

IAM Drijfhout stocks standard electrodes of the types Fischer, Winkler, Wölbing and Schöniger. Other designs can also be produced on request. For example, IAM Drijfhout has supplied the custom-made electrode below based on the simple sketch below.

Fischer electrodes – platinum 90% / iridium 10% 

Fischer electrodes consist of an inner and an outer gauze cylinder. Fischer electrodes are sandblasted to increase the wire surface which makes these electrodes suitable for rapid tests with high current densities in stirred or still electrolyte solutions. 

Net (M/cm²)225100
Diameter wire (mm)0,120,25
Outer cylinder –  diameter (mm)3838
Outer cylinder –  height (mm)5050
Inner cylinder-  diameter (mm)3333
Inner cylinder –  height (mm)4040
Length (mm)200200
Weight (gram)3341

Winkler electrodes – platinum 90% / iridium 10% 

Winkler electrodes consist of a slit gauze cylinder containing a concentrically wound wire spiral. It is most suitable for applications such as electrogravimetric identification of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn). 

Net (M/cm²)225100 
Diameter wire (mm)0,120,251,1
Cylinder –  diameter (mm)3535 
Cylinder –  height (mm)505046
Length (mm)150150150
Weight (gram)15215,5

Wölbing electrode – paltinum 90% / iridium 10% 

Wölbing electrodes are a gauze cylinder which is fixed to the central rod at the top and bottom via a solid cross. 

Net (M/cm²)100100100100100100
Diameter wire (mm)0,250,250,250,250,250,25
Cilinder –  diameter (mm)181830304545
Cylinder –  height (mm)404040405050
Length (mm)150150150150150150
Weight (gram)151620223537

Schöniger electrode – platinum 100% 

Schöniger electrodes are made of U-shaped pure platinum wire mesh. Primary applications include quick tests for halogen and sulfur. 

Net (M/cm²)16
Diameter wire (mm)0,75
Width (mm)10
Height (mm)10
Length (mm)40
Weight (gram)3

Why choose IAM Drijfhout 

– Fast and flexible 
– Quality 
– No minimum order value 
– Customized products 
– Reliable and precise 
– Recycling service

IAM Drijfhout also produces electrodes on request according to specific dimensions and/or technical drawings. Feel free to contact us for more information or a quote. IAM Drijfhout tries to provide the best possible expert advice in a personal way.

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