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IAM Drijfhout is a supplier of precious metals especially for industrial, analytical and medical applications. We specialize in the precious metals platinum, rhodium, iridium, gold and silver, and can produce and supply products ourselves.

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for industrial, analytical, and medical applications.

Standard products we offer include electrodes, bowls, crucibles, tongs, tweezers and sputtering targets. Additionally, we provide semi-finished products and custom-made products based on customer requirements.

We work closely with our manufacturers and are therefore the connection between you and the manufacturer. We assure you that you will receive quick responses to your inquiries and provide technical support through our own staff or the specialists from the manufacturers where necessary. We strive daily for optimization of our service, flexibility, and knowledge. With a trusted and personal service, we arrange the right solution for you!

Laboratory equipment

Such as platinum crucibles and dishes. The portfolio of our standard laboratory equipment also consists of tongues and electrodes.

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Targets and evaporation materials

The sputter targets that consist entirely of precious metals and are used, among other things, in coating and vacuum systems.

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Semi-finished products

Standard and custom semi-finished products like sheet, foil, wire, and tube, made from platinum, gold, silver, rhodium, palladium and iridium.

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Themocouple wire

High quality thermocouple wire Type B, R, and S, and wire of special alloys or coatings. The standard types of thermocouple wires can be supplied at any desired length.

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Fusion machines for XRF-analysis

Complete solutions for sample preparation of XRF analyzes with fusion machines, laboratory supplies and technical support.

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Custom made products

Examples of custom-made products are springs, mesh, rings and various types of electrodes that are used, for example, in flow meters.

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