Sample voorbereiding XRF-, ICP- of AA-analyse.

Fluxes for XRF, ICP and AA analysis

Are you looking for a method to properly prepare your samples for XRF, ICP or AA analyses, without the use of concentrated and dangerous acids? Then fusion technique with the appropriate flux is an ideal solution.

What are fluxes?

A flux is a chemical compound, often consisting of lithium tetraborate (Li2B4O7) or metraborate (LiBO2) and/or lithium bromide (LiBr) or lithium iodide (Lil). Fluxes are used as an additive in borate fusion. This is a technique used to prepare a sample for XRF, ICP or AA analysis.  

Fusion is a widely used method for the preparation of samples from a very wide range of materials such as catalysts, cement, ceramics, iron alloys, geological samples, glass, metal slag, silicon dioxide and more. 

Using fluxes for sample preparation

Flux is used as an adjunct in preparing a good sample for further XRF, ICP or AA analysis. An oxidized sample is mixed together with the appropriate flux in a platinum crucible and heated to about 1050°C. The sample dissolves in the flux, giving you a molten substance that can be poured into a platinum casting dish. A fuse bead is thus created which can be measured directly on an XRF spectrometer. 

By using pure fusion fluxes and appropriate analytical parameters, the fusion technique becomes a convenient and simple routine.


XRF Flux dosage

XRF flux machine

Fluxes from XRF and ICPH

IAM Drijfhout supplies fluxes from XRF Scientific and ICPH. Both brands have a wide variety in composition and options which allows us to offer a complete range of fluxes for fusion.  

For an optimal result, it is important that the correct flux composition is used. The two basic formulas and most common compounds are: lithium tetraborate (LiT or Li₂B₄O₇) and lithium metaborate (LiM or LiBO₂), which are commonly used in different proportions.  

Additives are an option such as LiBr (Bromide) or Lil (lithium iodide). We also offer fluxes with oxidizing agents such as LiNO3 and NaNO3. 

We have almost every type of flux needed to match whatever fusion method you use. Should you require a special flux for your specific application then our custom-made fluxes are the solution. Feel free to submit a request or ask a question via our contact form.   



Read more about how to select the right flux for your test on our dedicated page. 

Flux quality

ICPH and XRF are both companies dedicated to producing the best fluxes in the industry. The fluxes we stock from them are thus of the highest quality.  

The advanced mixing and splitting equipment used ensures that the flux is homogeneous and will not easily separate into components. This is important for achieving consistent results. 

All products are available in two grades: standard (99.99%) and high purity (99.998+%). The borate fluxes are produced as high density pre-melted granular particles. Thanks to integrated additives, the flux flows very easily. 

The fluxes contain the following properties: 

  • Perfect homogeneity 
  • Does not blow out the crucible 
  • Controlled particle size distribution 
  • High density: 1.2 – 1.4g/cm3 

IAM Drijfhout as flux supplier

We have been an established name in the flux industry for more than 30 years. Through our partnership with both ICPH and XRF, committed professionals will provide you with the right solution for even the most demanding analytical challenges. 

We are deeply committed to what we do and have been serving customers in a range of industries for many years. We also offer extra customer service such as the option to test your own samples in our lab so as to produce the ideal flux composition. 

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