Recycling service

One of the unique properties of precious metals is that they can be recycled without a loss in quality. The recycling of precious metals has become increasingly important in recent years, since the total world reserves are limited and demand and prices are constantly rising. Established in 1827, IAM Drijfhout is one of the oldest Dutch precious metal companies. With roughly 200 years of experience, we have high standards and considerable expertise when it comes to the full recycling process. We are able to recycle a broad range of precious metals and alloys and thanks to our close network of international metal processers, we also facilitate the recycling of contaminated materials.

Recycling and refining of your precious metals

IAM Drijfhout facilitates the recycling of precious metals in all shapes, sizes, and alloys, including products that contain gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, iridium, or palladium.

Our precise recycling process begins with the initial weighing of the batch of material on calibrated scales, monitored by a recording system to ensure transparency and accuracy. Following this, a comprehensive metal analysis is conducted to determine the optimal recycling procedure and to estimate the yield. Usually, the metals can be melted directly but when a batch is highly contaminated a chemical recycling process might be necessary. This careful analytical approach helps to maximize the yield and ensures the purity of the recycled precious metals.

After the recycling process, the metals are weighed again, and the final yield is determined. Our clients have the option to be paid out against a competitive market rate or apply the yield as credit towards future product purchases. This option further promotes the cyclical use of precious metal resources.

Why is IAM Drijfhout your preferred supplier for recycling precious metals?

  • Our recycling charges are among the most competitive ones on the market
  • We are specialized in supplying tailored services exclusively to businesses
  • We work with businesses of any size
  • No minimum order charges are applied
  • The yield can be paid out against a competitive exchange rate, or used as credit on new purchases
  • We have a customer-friendly shipping policy including insurance cover.
  • By using our services companies not only ensure a steady supply of high-quality precious metal but they also contribute to more sustainable practices in the industry
  • IAM Drijfhout is a reliable and experienced precious metal company, operating since 1827.

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