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One of the unique properties of precious metals is that they can be recycled without the loss of quality. The recycling of precious metals has become increasingly important in recent years, since the total world reserves are limited. Since 1827, IAM Drijfhout has been one of the Dutch oldest precious metal companies and with roughly 200 years of experience, we have high standards when it comes to the full recycling process. For example, we are able to recycle a broad range of precious metals and alloys. Because of our strong network of international metal processers, we facilitate the recycling of contaminated materials as well. Our recycling process begins with a material analysis to determine the different elements of the batch. Based on this analysis, the best recycle procedure can be determined to retrieve the pure metals, and an estimated yield can be calculated.

Recycling and refining of your precious metals

IAM Drijfhout facilitates the recycling of precious metals in all shapes, sizes, and alloys, such as products that contain gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, iridium, or palladium. When receiving a batch of material, we first weigh the metals. We use calibrated weighing scales and all of our weighing is being automatically filmed and these videos can be shared. Next, a metal analyses is performed to determine the best recycle procedure. Usually, the metals can be melted directly but when a batch is highly contaminated a chemical recycling process might be necessarily. When the actual recycling is completed, the metals are weighed again and the yield is then determined. IAM Drijfhout offers the possibility to pay out the yield against a competitive exchange rate. However, the yield can also be used to save expenses on new purchases.

Recycling and refining of your platinum crucibles

Why is IAM Drijfhout your preferred supplier for recycling precious metals?

  • Our recycling chargers are among the most competitive ones in the market
  • We have a customer focused shipping policy, covered with our insurance
  • No minimum order chargers are applied
  • The yield can be paid out against a competitive exchange rate, or used to save expenses on new purchases
  • Since 1827, IAM Drijfhout is a reliable and experienced precious metal company
Refining of your precious metals crucibles


Since 1827, IAM Drijfhout is one of the Dutch oldest companies that recycles precious metals.

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