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IAM Drijfhout is the Dutch market leader in precious metal products. Our focus lies on products for industrial, analytical, and medical applications. In these industries, precious metals are applied because of their unique properties, such as being an excellent conductor, high-temperature resistant, chemically inert,  and highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. Since 1827, we have become a well-known and trusted partner with a rich history and extensive experience.

Why is IAM Drijfhout preferred supplier of precious metal products?

  • Competitive prices by means of our own production and strong international network
  • Reliable partner: ISO 9001:2015 certified and do not speculate on metal exchange rates
  • We provide technical support, including assistance in the entire process of XRF-analyses
  • An extensive product range that is constantly being expanded
  • No minimum order charges, along with the development of new products
  • A customer focused shipping policy, covered with our insurance
  • High level of knowledge as a result of decades of experience
  • We are one of the oldest suppliers of precious metal products in the Netherlands

The markets we serve

Industrial sector

Various industries use precious metals such as platinum, gold or silver for specialized tools or parts. Often platinum alloys with varying percentages of rhodium, iridium, palladium and so on are used. These products are supplied in various forms such as foils, sheets, wire, ribbon, rods or already turned or pressed parts.

We also supply platinum metal thermocouple wire type S, R and B.

Analytical Sector

We have an extensive product range of crucibles, trays and crucible lids. We can supply standard products for almost all brands of spectrometers. We are also happy to be of service for other products. For example, we can help you design and supply platinum products based on your specifications. Used precious metal products can be send back for recycling.

For sample analysis, we also supply fluxes. When choosing a Lithium Borate flux for your spectrometer (XRF or ICP) application, the following factors are taken into account: melting point, purity, hygroscopy, base or acidity, material shape. We supply fluxes that meet your requirements regardless of which of the above factors are important to you. For more specialized applications, we can advise you and provide customized solutions if required.

Medical sector

We supply precious metal components for the medical sector in many different forms such as tube, rod, wire, foil but also custom made products. Applications include radio-opaque markers, electrode tips, rings and defibrillators. We can supply custom made parts, developed meeting the strict requirements of medical applications.

A selection of IAM Drijfhout customers

History of IAM Drijfhout

The current IAM Drijfhout is a continuation of the in the Netherlands well known Drijfhout which has been active in the precious metal industry since 1827. Where Cookson Drijfhout mainly focuses on jewellers, I.A.M. Drijfhout specialises in industrial, analytical and medical applications with precious metals. A young team, with ample experience in the aforementioned applications is at your service. Take a look at our history since 1827.

Drijfhout history

1827 – In 1827, Hans Halbes Drijfhout opened a goldsmith shop in Balk, the Netherlands. The shop and workshop were built directly next to Hans’ house.

1883 – The family business was taken over by son, Halbe Drijfhout, continued by grandson Willem Halbes Drijfhout. In 1883, Willem opened a small factory in an old school building elsewhere in Balk.

1886 – Drijfhout continued to grow and Willem Halbes Drijfhout moved the business to Amsterdam in 1886, thus changing the name to H. Drijfhout & Zn.

1912 – Over the years, the production processes were further automated, and in 1912, the iconic building and former theatre at the Nes in Amsterdam was purchased. Until today, the engraving ‘H. Drijfhout & Zn’ is present above the entrance on the building at the Nes.

1927– In 1927, Drijfhout was acquired by the French company Comptoir Lyon Alemand, but remained to operate independently under the name of Drijfhout.

2008 – Drijfhout moved to the South-East of Amsterdam and was acquired by the German company Heraeus.

2016 – In 2016, Drijfhout becomes fully independent and moved to Utrecht. Nowadays, at the Tennesseedreef it focusses on the Industrial, Analytical, and Medical market and changes its name correspondingly to IAM Drijfhout.

IAM-Drijfhout history

IAM-Drijfhout history

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