Using gold and silver in the semiconductor, medical, and aerospace industries

IAM Drijfhout supplies precious metal items, such as sputter targets, tubes, rods, wires, and ribbons, serving a myriad of functions in the semiconductor, medical, and aerospace sectors. However, given the limited availability and increasing cost of metals like silver and gold, IAM Drijfhout’s recycling service has become extremely important.

The use of gold in various industries

Gold sputter targets are used in the semiconductor and thin film industries. Various deposition techniques employ these targets for manufacturing computer chips, optical devices, and other similar products.

In the medical industry, gold rods are incorporated into devices that require high precision and reliability. Gold’s non-reactive nature ensures that these rods remain unaffected by bodily fluids. Gold is also highly resistant to bacteria and corrosion and thus gold tubes can be found in a range of medical equipment, playing a significant role in various chemical processes.

Gold tubes are also integral to various aerospace industrial applications owing to their thermal and electrical conductivity.

Lastly electronics, resistors, medical devices, and semiconductors utilize gold wires and ribbons. Gold, with its superior electrical conductivity and resistance to tarnish and corrosion, makes these wires incredibly efficient and durable.

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Silver wire, tubes, ribbon and pellets

High purity silver wire, targets and pellets also find widespread use in various high-tech applications, including thin-film deposition, quantum computing and sensing.

Recycling gold and silver

As precious metal plays such a critical and extensive role in industries, its sustainable use and recycling is essential. IAM Drijfhout provides a recycling service, including gold and silver in all shapes, sizes, and alloys.

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