Crucibles and casting dishes for fusion machines

Most of the product range in fusion crucibles exists out of a platinum-gold alloy (95% / 5%).

Special crucibles for fusion machines

To properly prepare a sample for XRF analysis, ICP analysis or AA analysis. A technique called fusion is required. This is done using a fusion machine in combination with special platinum crucibles and platinum casting dishes.

All fusion crucibles and casting dishes have a special additive to the mostly platinum-gold alloy (95%/5%). They are especially designed with a structure that maintains flatness, thus ensuring excellent mixing performance and accurate analysis results. 

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IAM Drijfhout supplies a large range of crucibles and casting dishes for fusion machines, including the following brands:

  • XRFuse (XRF Scientific) 
  • Claisse® LeNeo® 
  • Eagon 2 
  • Equilab 
  • Herzog 
  • Initiative Scientific 
  • Katanax® 
  • Linn 
  • Modutemp 
  • Nieka 
  • Perl’X® 
  • Phoenix 
  • Schoeps 
  • Vulcan

Stabilized platinum crucibles for fusion

Our labware range for fusion processes includes stabilized crucibles and casting dishes made by adding zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) to the platinum-gold alloy. The brand we supply, XRF Scientific, uses the abbreviation XRS (X-Ray Stabilized).

A stabilized crucible or pouring mold contains pure, hardened platinum which offers a higher base strength and significantly better resistance to contamination and deformation. As such, it is an ideal solution for high temperature applications (up to 1,200°C). For example, a stabilized crucible can be used when processing special optical glass (to prevent discoloration).

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Casting dishes

IAM Drijfhout supplies casting dishes that suit all the commonly used XRF fusion machines and spectrometers. When pouring the hot liquid in a smooth casting dish, it ensures a flat surface, which increases the precision of the composition analyses. Our casting dishes are available in different alloys, such as platinum-gold and platinum-iridium.

Crucible use in xrFuse Electric Fusion Machine 

Why choose IAM Drijfhout? 

IAM Drijfhout has many years of experience in supplying laboratories in the Netherlands and provides personal advice about the best options. Furthermore we offer our clients:  

– Answers to technical questions 
– Reliability that come with a long production history 
– Competitive prices 
– Platinum crucibles and dishes of exceptionally high quality 
– A full service including recycling old precious metal products 

If a desired size or alloy is not included in our standard range, we always check whether it can be specially produced. Feel free to request more information or a quote without any obligation.  


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