Crucible tongs with platinum tips

Platinum is the most widely used alloy for tong tips but also iridium and gold is available.

Tongs are essential  everyday laboratory tools and are used when working with a wide variety of  equipment. 

Correct handling is essential when working with precious metal products. Crucible tongs with platinum tips are specially designed for gripping precious metal crucibles, flasks, evaporating dishes  or even small beakers that are exposed to very high temperatures. To prevent contamination and damage to the precious metal products during the installation or removal of a crucible, conventional crucible rods are equipped with platinum tips. 

The tips of crucible tongs are made of solid precious metal or a precious metal coating. The most common alloys used for this purpose are platinum, iridium and gold. If necessary, the precious metal coating or solid  tips can extend all the way up to the tong’s pivot point.  

IAM Drijfhout also supplies the option of tweezers with platinum tips. 

Why choose IAM Drijfhout? 

– A high level of knowledge through years of experience 
– Favorable sales conditions, due to both our own production and a strong international network 
– Reliability: ISO 9001:2015 certified and we do not speculate on metal prices 
– Support on technical issues 
Recycling and refining of your precious metals

Feel free to request more information or a quote. IAM Drijfhout strives to provide you with the best possible expert advice in a personal way.   

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