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Laboratory equipment for XRF-analysis

XRF-analysis (X-ray fluorescence) is a widely applied analytical method in which precious metal laboratory equipment is being used for sample preparation. XRF-analysis is used to research the composition of a sample, in which the accuracy of the analysis depends on the homogeneity of the sample. The most homogenic samples can be created with a XRF-fusion machine, when the sample and flux are heated into a liquid in a platinum crucible. After the heating process, the hot liquid is poured into a casting dish in which it cools down into a bead. The composition of the bead can be determined with a spectrometer. IAM Drijfhout offers a complete solution and all the equipment needed to execute the process: XRF fusion machines, tongues, fluxes, crucibles, and casting dishes of all the commonly applied XRF fusion machines.

Products for XRF-fusion machines

Our crucibles and dishes can be supplied in different alloys, such as platinum-gold and platinum-iridium. These alloys are resistant against high temperatures and corrosion, and both are chemically inert too. IAM Drijfhout supplies over 100 standard crucibles and casting dishes, for the fusion machines of XRF Scientific (xrFuse en Phoenix), Malvern Panalytical (Eagon 2, PerlX, LeNeo, TheOx), IGC Standards (Autofluxer, Schoeps, Vulcan) and Katanax, Leco, Linn and Herzog. In addition, the crucibles, dishes, and casting dishes can be custom-made if adjusted sizes are required, and can be supplied in stabilized metal. This increases the quality of the metal and enhances its life time. Also correct maintance increases the life time, check this article about crucibles maintance for more information.


Custom made laboratory equipment
x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyses.


IAM Drijfhout supplies crucibles for all the XRF fusion machines that are commonly used. The crucibles can be supplied in different alloys and from stabilized metal. Furthermore, they can be produced with a pouring lip, with a reinforced rim, and with an extra thick bottom.

Crucibles for fusion
x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyses.


A flux consists of a mix of chemicals and improves the melting process of the sample. IAM Drijfhout supplies a variety standard and custom-made fluxes, which are adapted to the composition of the sample that is tested. An important factor is precisely weighing the flux. We offer a flux weighing machine that automises this process and ensures a precise measurement.

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IAM Drijfhout offers over 100 standard crucibles and dishes.

Casting dishes

IAM Drijfhout supplies casting dishes that suit all the commonly used XRF fusion machines and spectrometers. When pouring the hot liquid in a smooth casting dish, it ensures a flat surface, which increases the precision of the composition analyses. Our casting dishes are available in different alloys, such as platinum-gold and platinum-iridium.

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Electrical fusion machines

Fusion machines for XRF-analysis

IAM Drijfhout offers both gas and electrically powered fusion machines. Both types of machines are available in different sizes to test one up to ten crucibles at the same time.

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