Precious metal product per sector

Based on our extensive experience with precious metals, we are able to maintain high standards when it comes to the supply, manufacture and production of precious metals. You can read below more about the products we supply in various sectors. In addition, we guarantee a reliable and transparent service when recycling your products, with the highest possible preservation of the recycled material. 

Industries using precious metal products

  • Custom-made: Industrial applications often call for customer-specific precious metal products, such as electrodes, washers, drain pipes, containers, crucibles, etc. Our team is ready to find the right product for you based on your specifications. 
  • Thermocouple Wire: IAM Drijfhout offers a wide range of thermocouple wires type S, R and B to measure temperatures.
  • Rods: Rods are mainly supplied as platinum/iridium and due to the hardness of this alloy they can be used for multiple applications. 
  • Sheet material: Sheet material is available in various sizes and metal types: ; platinum, iridium, rhodium, palladium, gold and silver. 

Precious metal products for the analytical sector 

  • Crucibles: Crucibles are available in various precious metal alloys and in various sizes. These precious metal crucibles can be supplied as standard labware, but also for specific equipment from Phoenix, Claisse, Equilab, Autofluxen, Schoeps, Vulcan, Katanax, Leco, Linn, Panalytical Eagen and XRFuse. 
  • Dishes: Precious metal dishes are often used in laboratories, for example for heating and evaporating liquids. The dishes can be supplied as standard labware in various sizes and made of different alloys. 
  • Casting dishes: These casting dishes can be supplied as standard labware, but also for specific equipment from Phoenix, Claisse, Equilab, Autofluxen, Schoeps, Vulcan, Katanax, Leco, Linn, Panalytical Eagen and XRFuse
  • Crucible tongs: Crucible tongs are used, among other things, to protect the crucibles against possible contamination when they are moved. Our stainless steel crucible tongs can be supplied with platinum tips or shoes or a platinum coating.
  • Fluxes: When choosing a Lithium Borate flux for your spectrometer, the following factors need to be taken into account: melting point, purity, hygroscopy, pH and material form. We supply fluxes to match whichever of these factors are important for your purposes.
  • Electrodes: Platinum electrodes for research centers are mainly made of pure platinum or platinum/iridium 90/10%. 

Precious metal products for the medical sector 

  • Wire: Precious metal wire is available in different alloys for various applications.
  • Tubes: platinum/iridium tube, for example for ‘drawing up needles’ used to extract fluid from a bottle or ampoule.  
  • Slugs / pellets / granules: The most common application of precious metal slugs, also known as pellets or granules, is the melting and then vapor deposition of platinum in order to apply thin metal films to samples for research. 
  • Inoculation loop (oese): A loop made of precious metal wire often used in laboratories when working with bacterial cultures.  

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