Using platinum labware in nutrition, food, agriculture and life-science research

The fields of food and agriculture research involves a wide range of highly sensitive tests, experiments and analyses where accuracy and reliability is essential. Platinum labware has become indispensable in these laboratories.

Which specific properties make platinum labware so suited to laboratory research?

  • natural resistance to corrosion and chemical attacks ensures that samples remain pure and uncontaminated.
  • non-reactive nature makes platinum safe to use with a broad range of substances, and ensures the integrity of experiments.
  • stable even at high-temperatures making platinum suited for accurate sample analysis via ashing or fusion.
  • exceptional durability: when handled correctly, platinum labware has a long life-span, making it cost-effective for laboratories
  • easy to clean

Platinum labware for food and agriculture research

Much of the lab work in these fields of research involves sample analysis. The stability and inertness of platinum crucibles as well as their resistance to heat and corrosion, help to guarantee the accuracy of analytical tests and prevent contamination. This is essential for the successful identification of trace elements as part of assessing the nutritional value of food and the quality of agricultural soil.

Specifically, platinum disks and crucibles are an essential feature in X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis, a technique commonly used in agrifood research where samples are dissolved in a flux. Here platinum’s resistance to corrosive attack by fluxing agents and its near perfect oxidation resistance are particularly important for providing accurate, reliable and reproducible results.

Platinum tongs can withstand very high temperatures to ensure safe handling of heated platinum ware. Furthermore, the non-reactive nature of platinum means the samples do not become contaminated through interaction with tongs.

Recycling platinum labware

IAM Drijfhout offers a recycling service for platinum labware. By returning used platinum crucibles and other labware for recycling, it enables a cost-efficient way for labs to manage their resources.

Learn more about recycling your used labware.

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