Using platinum-iridium and platinum-gold dishes in oil and petrochemical analysis

Platinum alloy dishes have gained substantial recognition in the petrochemical industry over the years. Discover why platinum-iridium and platinum-gold dishes are widely used.

Platinum-gold dishes

In comparison to pure platinum, this alloy offers increased resistance to high temperatures as well as to the aggressive compounds often encountered in oil and petrochemical analysis. The addition of gold to platinum not only enhances the material’s thermal resistance but also its longevity.

Platinum-gold dishes can maintain their form and properties even after exposure to extreme conditions, a quality that’s essential for accurate, repeatable, and reliable analysis. Additionally, their non-reactive nature ensures that they do not interfere with the results, thus enabling the extraction of highly accurate data.

Apart from their performance benefits, platinum/gold dishes are also economically viable in the long run. Their durability reduces the frequency of replacements, thereby providing long-term cost savings despite the higher initial investment.

IAM Drijfhout also offers stabilized crucibles and casting dishes made specifically for fusion processes and high temperature applications. Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) is added to the platinum-gold alloy to create these specialized dishes.

Platinum-iridium dishes

In recent years, platinum iridium has become increasingly popular in oil and petrochemical analysis. The incorporation of iridium into platinum has the effect of enhancing the material’s hardness while maintaining its resistance to heat and corrosion.

As such, platinum-iridium dishes offer the kind of resilience and reliability that is crucial when undertaking volatile and complex tests. Their stability under high temperatures and the ability to resist attack from most acids or bases make these dishes an excellent choice for the harsh environments in oil and petrochemical analysis.

IAM Drijfhout’s precious metal dishes and labware

For oil and petrochemical analysis, the importance of using the right tools cannot be overstated. IAM Drijfhout ensures that every product aligns with the highest quality standards, thereby guaranteeing performance and durability.

Whether you’re conducting routine analyses or carrying out complex research projects, we have a solution for you. View our crucible and dishes page for our standard size dishes. We also offer custom made products to match any set of unique research specifications.

Lastly, our recycling service, means that precious metals can be extracted from your used products and their market value refunded to you or used as credit for purchases from our range.

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