Recycling precious metal sputtering targets

In the field of thin film deposition, a technology widely used in electronics, semiconductors, and various other industries, sputtering targets have an essential role. Composed of precious metals like gold, silver, rhodium, or platinum, the targets are part of a technique that transfers an incredibly thin film of the precious metal to a substrate in a vacuum environment. The precious metals in sputtering targets can also be extracted for recycling.

Sputtering targets composition

Sputtering targets are round, flat discs available in various diameters and thicknesses. They are usually made from pure precious metals or an alloy of precious metals, all of which are of very high and pure quality: 99.95% or 99.99%. Commonly used precious metal targets for sputtering include gold (Au), gold-palladium (Au/Pd20%), platinum (Pt), platinum-rhodium (Pt/Rh10%), platinum-palladium (Pt/Pd20%), rhodium (Rh), and silver (Ag). The choice of metal (or alloy) for the sputtering target depends on the industry for which the thin-film end product is intended.

Recycling sputtering targets

Given their high purity and the scarcity and expense of the metals involved, recycling sputtering targets can have both economic and environmental motivations.

IAM Drijfhout provides a recycling service for precious metals in all shapes, sizes, and alloys. As we are also a supplier of precious metal labware we are able to be flexible on arrangements with our clients. For example, whether we pay out the recycling yield or use it as credit for a customer’s new orders.

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