Applications of platinum labware and the importance of recycling

IAM Drijfhout’s range of platinum labware, including crucibles, electrodes, sheets, foils, tubes, and rods, have become integral components in a variety of applications. Some examples include X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis, medical equipment, electronics, catalysts, and glass manufacturing. However, with the rising cost and limited availability of precious metal, recycling has become increasingly important.

The uses of platinum

Platinum crucibles and dishes are instrumental in XRF analysis. Their resilience to high temperatures and resistance to chemical reactions make them ideal for preparing samples for XRF, a critical process used to determine the elemental composition of materials.

Platinum electrodes are highly conductive and durable. As such, they are utilized in various chemical reactions where an electric current is required. Platinum’s resistance to corrosion makes it especially suited to electrolysis processes.

Platinum foil is used in medical devices, electronics, catalysts, and hydrogen diffusion. Its superior electrical conductivity, coupled with its resistance to chemical reactions, makes it perfect for these high-tech applications.

Platinum tubes have excellent thermal and electrical properties combined with durability. These characteristics make them suitable for medical equipment, glass and fiberglass manufacturing, and even in the crafting of musical wind instruments.

Platinum rods find widespread use in medical equipment, especially in pacemakers and parts replacement due to their biocompatibility.

Recycling platinum products

With platinum serving such a wide range of purposes, its consumption is high. In the context of finite natural resources and escalating raw material costs, recycling platinum is an environmentally and economically sustainable practice.

Our customers have one address for both ordering new platinum and for precious metal extraction at the end of the product’s usable life. Our team can be contacted for any questions you might have regarding your platinum or recycling needs.